Toyo Clean Copper – Deoxidation Solution for Copper Tube Brazing2021-03-22T07:35:31+00:00

Toyo Clean Copper – Deoxidation Chemical Compound for Copper Tube Brazing

To prevent oxidation of the inside surface of copper tubes at the brazing time, CLEAN COPPER has following advantages over usually used N2sealing method that fills whole tubing system with nitrogen-gas.

  • Protect inside of Copper tube from oxidation when welding

  • No Nitrogen bleed required

  • Can use for any refrigerants including R410, R32

  • Non alcohol type

  • Fixed quantity injection value + Circumferential spray nozzle

  • No Nitrogen welding

Spraying this CLEAN COPPER
into copper tubes prevents them
from oxidation and keeps clean surface.

This shows oxidized scales formed inside the copper tube by brazing without using TOYO CLEAN COPPER. The scales give serious damage to the system.

This  shows the inside of the copper tube after brazing with the use of TOYO CLEAN COPPER. The copper surface keeps clean enough for longer life of the system.


Recommended Method of Application

  • Clean well inside of the joint to be brazed

  • Shake well TOYO CLEAN COPPER can before use

  • Seal one end of the copper tube, and then, spray TOYO CLEAN COPPER into the copper tube from another end

  • Seal both ends of the tube before brazing

  • After brazing, leave the brazed tube as it stands for cooling down