MSZ-FH Series Inverter Heat Pump

///MSZ-FH Series Inverter Heat Pump

MSZ-FH Series Inverter Heat Pump


The F Series is designed for optimum cooling / heating performance as well as operational comfort. Quiet, energy-saving operation is supported by some of Mitsubishi Electric’s latest technologies. Advanced functions such as “3D i-see Sensor” temperature control and the Plasma Quad air purification system raise room comfort levels to new heights.

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High Energy Efficiency

Power consumption has been reduced for the cooling and heating modes thanks to the incorporation of our newest inverter technologies. The high energy efficiency of the size 25 units has obtained a rating of more than 5.0 for both seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) and seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER).

Hyper Heating

The Hyper Heating feature is incorporated, realizing powerful heating even in the harsh cold. Even users in cold regions can comfortably rely on the MSZ-FH Series for all their heating needs.

Selecting a Heater-equipped Model

In regions with the following conditions, there is a possibility that water resulting from condensation on the outdoor unit when operating in the heating mode will freeze and not drain from the base.

  • 1) Cold outdoor temperatures (temperature does not rise above 0°C all day)
  • 2) Areas where dew forms easily (in the mountains, valleys surrounded by mountains, near a forest, near unfrozen lakes, ponds, rivers or hot springs), or areas with snowfall

To prevent water from freezing in the base, it is recommended that a unit with a built-in heater be purchased. Please ask your dealer representative about the best model for you.



  • (*1) Refrigerant leakage contributes to climate change. Refrigerant with lower global warming potential (GWP) would contributes less to global warming than a refrigerant with higher GWP, if leaked to the atmosphere. This appliance contains a refrigerant contains a refrigerant fluid with a GWP equal to 1975. This means that if 1 kg of this refrigerant fluid would be leaked to the atmosphere, the impact on global warming would be 1975 times higher than 1 kg of CO2, over a period of a 1oo years. Never try to interfere with the refrigerant circuit yourself or disassemble the product yourself and always ask a professional
  • (*2) Energy consumption based on standard test results. Actual energy consumption will depend on how the appliance is used and where it is located.
  • (*3) SHi: Super High
  • (*4) SEER, SCOP and other related description are based on COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) No. 626/2011. The temperature conditions for calculating SCOP are based on “Average Season”.
  • (*5) Please see page 47 for heating (warmer season) specifications.

Plasma Quad filter

Air, like water, is something we use everyday unconsciously. Clean and fresh air is a vital part of creating a healthy space for humans. Achieving this healthy air is Plasma Quad, a plasma-based filter system that effectively removes four kinds of air pollutants; namely, bacteria, viruses, allergens and dust, which the air contains countless particles of.

3D i-see sensor

The FH Series is equipped with 3D i-see Sensor, an infrared-ray sensor that measures the temperature at distant positions. While moving to the left and right, eight vertically arranged sensor elements analyze the room temperature in three dimensions. This detailed analysis makes it possible to judge where people are in the room, thus allowing creation of features such as “Indirect airflow,” to avoid airflow hitting people directly and “direct airflow” to deliver airflow to where people are..


The indirect airflow setting can be used when the flow of air feels too strong or direct. For example, it can be used during cooling to avert airflow and prevent body temperature from becoming excessively cooled.


This setting can be used to directly target airflow at people such as for immediate comfort when coming indoors on a hot or cold day.

Absence Detection

The sensors detect whether there are people in the room. When no one is in the room, the unit automatically switches to energy-saving mode.

The “3D i-see Sensor” detects people’s absence and the power consumption is automatically reduced by approximately 10% after 10 minutes and 20% after 60 minutes.

Natural flow

To create “healthy” airflow, the most important aspect is that the flow of air feels natural. Mitsubishi Electric’s solution to this is Natural Flow, only possible thanks to our technology that freely and flexibly controls airflow.