Anti Bacteria Aircon Drain Tablet

//Anti Bacteria Aircon Drain Tablet

Anti Bacteria Aircon Drain Tablet


  • A GREEN, safe product
  • Contains a highly effective surfactant and disinfectant
  • Prevents blockages, bacteria and mold growth
  • Prevents corrosion, 100% water soluble
  • No product casing to discard
  • Self adhering to drain pan
  • Last up to 5 months in use
    (depending on climatic conditions)



CDBTM  is formulated from a proprietary blend of a unique surfactant, disinfectant, dispersant and corrosion inhibitor, encapsulated in a biodegradable polymeric matrix. CDBTM  works by penetrating the impurities (dust, slime, bacteria, mold etc) found on the drain pans and lines, eliminating, dispersing and suspending them, allowing them to flow away into the drain easily with the condensate water. As these impurities do not have the chance to settle and accumulate, blockages, bacteria growth and mold growth in the drain pans and lines are prevented.


How to use CDB?

  • To use CDBTM , simply remove CDBTM  from its packaging and place it onto the drain pan.
  • Position the CDBTM  on the opposite end from the drain hole.
  • Each CDBTM  can treat a 5 tons system for up to 5 months (depending on climatic conditions)
    For larger systems, the number of CDBTM  can be increased accordingly as depicted in table.
  • CDBTM  will adhere to the base of the pan and dissolves slowly in place. At the end of the treatment,
  • CDBTM  will completely dissolve and leaves no residue.



System Size
5 1
10 2
20 3
50 4