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The AC ZONE Pvt Ltd is committed to both customers and manufacturers, aiming to always deliver the latest mobile device accessories on time, and focusing on helping customers drive sales with great account management and marketing support.

As one of the largest Mobile Accessory distributors in South India, we offer a wide range of products including Phone Cases and Screen Protectors, Audio Accessories (Earphones, Headphones, Bluetooth / Wireless Speakers and Others), Power Accessories (All Types of Chargers,  Cables, Power Banks and Docking Stations) and more.

Our goal is to cover the needs of even the most demanding customers, ranging from mobile wholesalers, resellers and retail stores to the public sector, by providing them with a rich and diverse product portfolio so they can lead in their market and make a difference. And that is why the most successful companies trust us with relationships that last and return every bit of investment.