Get your ACs ready for Summer!

//Get your ACs ready for Summer!

Get your ACs ready for Summer!

We are sure that your Air Conditioners (ACs) will be on their marathon throughout the day during Summer. Any machine that endures heavier wear and tear shouldn’t have any Bleak Influence on your well-being. Here are 5 Summer Precautions for your AC. Read below to know more.

Clean Filter, Better Performance!

It’s Summer. Your ACs will be operational for nearly the whole day. During Summer, light air with no moisture causes the Dust to float which gets Clogged in the Filter. This is why AC Air Filter Cleaning becomes your prime Check Factor. A clogged AC Air Filter causes the ACs to work harder to bring out the desired Cooling Effect in a short timeline. This in turn doubles Electricity Power consumption than usual. Additionally clogged AC air filters hold on to air Impurities and affect our health. So clean your Air filters regularly to Breathe Pure Air and reduce energy consumption.

Screened Windows, Sufficient Cooling.

The scorching sun makes you want to use AC all the time. But at least you can reduce the capacity of the AC usage by reducing the heat from entering into your space. This is solved by screening with Sunshades that are highly efficient in preventing conditioned air from escaping through transparent glass windows. Make sure to follow this best practice and enjoy adequate cooling at reduced electricity bills.

The Coolant’s Efficiency

Aren’t you experiencing efficient cooling even after Cleaning your AC’s Air Filter? It’s time to check your Refrigerants. If you experience that your AC is not blowing cool air as it once did, it’s time to consult with Expert AC technicians. Inadequate levels of Refrigerants or AC refrigerant leaks add more workload to air conditioners and higher electricity bills. Refrigerants are harmful substances that can damage you and the environment if not maintained properly. Always take professional support when it comes to handling AC coolants.

Keeping Accelerations at bay

Yes, your machine is running all the time, but obviously, it’s a machine. After your AC being under a lot of work-time pressure, you may want to reduce the mechanical pressure to it. Start your ACs at low temperatures. If needed, increase the temperature steadily rather than switching it to the minimum to maximum cooling temperature rapidly. By this, your AC will work on a steady phase.

The Compressor Check

Due to the wear and tear of excessive use during Summer,  the first component to get affected in your Air conditioning system will be your AC Compressor. If you notice any Rattling Noise from your ACs or any freon or oil leak from your AC Compressor, then it’s time to inspect it

We feel the extreme Summer heat from March itself, no wonder how high the weather will peak during the months of May and June. It is high-time we keep our ACs in check so that we do not sweat, feel a lack of comfort and have to pay skyrocketing electricity bills for AC usage during this Summer 2021.

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